Married But Living Single

Married But Living Single

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Femi Faseru has produced a well researched and illuminating book that will help to bring solutions to problems encountered by married couples. He also takes time to reveal the issues that go on in the homes of married couples who despite being married are living separate lives under the same roof. He systematically takes you behind the scenes to expose what goes on behind close doors, explaining clearly what it means to be married yet be living single.

However as he documents the various challenges couples living in this manner encounter, he also provides wisdom keys for couples to deliver themselves from this unhealthy marital choice.

After reading this book there is a need to answer the following questions. ” Is there a family in your house” and secondly “what are you doing to strengthen your family.

Undoubtedly, it is time for home improvement. We need to improve our homes by using the building blocks of relationships which are love – commitment – loyalty – trust – respect – honour – sharing – purity and forgiveness.

It is my sincere prayer that as you read through the pages of this book, you will reflect on marriage as God intended it to be and purpose in your heart to live together united in the covenant of marriage and not as separate individuals in a loveless marriage.
You can have a beautiful and exciting marriage. Remember, marriage is for enjoyment. So Enjoy!

Yemisi Ashimolowo
Resident Pastor KICC London

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