Be Yourself

Be Yourself

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The book has four striking features.

Firstly, it is inspirational. You find a corner, sit down with it and you will be inspired by the revelation, the realities and the reasoning of the writer.

Secondly, it is directional. For those searching for answers on different issues of life – how to handle setbacks, tough times and even success – the book gives you clear answers and directions.

Thirdly, it is devotional. For those who want to go on a spiritual journey and come out strengthened, satisfied, straightened and shaped for the glory of God. “Be Yourself” is the best tonic.

Fourthly, it is motivational. The best thing to be is to “Be Yourself” successfully and every one of us needs the motivation to do that so that we do not spend our lives trying to copy and be like someone else. In the words of the author, “When God made you He had a design, purpose and mission to accomplish. He made you so that you can accomplish that which He wants done on the earth. You need to know that you are not a burden to this world but a carrier of destiny sent by God to accomplish what He wants done.”

With such powerful statements in almost every page of this 239 paged book, any bible study leader, pastor or teacher has enough material for group bible study or for personal devotion on a 30-day spiritual journey.

I am convinced that this book will go very far, touch many lives, help the hopeless to find hope and the lost to find a way.

I commend it to the general public and believe that it will strengthen many lives, including you who are reading it right now.

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo
President/ Senior Pastor
Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC)

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