Senior Pastor

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo – Senior Pastor

pastor_matthew_ashimolowoPastor Matthew Ashimolowo is the Senior Pastor of KICC Nigeria, he has a dynamic gifting which combines his calling as a Pastor and a teacher. Pastor Matthew is also a mentor, businessman and spiritual father.

Pastor Matthew recently celebrated 40 years in ministry, he has given countless people the spiritual and practical foundation to successfully build their lives. His broadcast ministry, Winning Ways, is viewed by millions of people in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Emirates.

A prolific writer of more than 80 books, including the award winning ‘Tongues of Fire’, Pastor Matthew constantly challenges believers to become the best they can be.

His influence on church growth and evangelism has guaranteed countless requests for his comments by a variety of mainstream media including BBC TV , Radio, Sky News, The Times, The Guardian, Broadsheet newspapers, as well as a broad spectrum of Christian and faith-based publications.

As a respected leader, Pastor Matthew sits on the Board of Reference for God TV and is considered a Christian thought leader, Biblical scholar and media commentator on a variety of issues that have left indelible marks on modern society.