KICC International

We are the largest growing church in Western Europe. Our phenomenal growth and success is built on strong leadership, our investment in the socio-economic and spiritual needs of multi-cultural communities and our overall desire and commitment to live our lives based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.


In 15 years our congregation has grown from 300 members to thousands in attendance every Sunday. In 2012, after many months of negotiation, we successfully acquired a 24 acre facility with 12 large buildings and two foundations at Buckmore Park, Chatham, Kent to house the new headquarter Church and Church offices. All these were acquired for £5m debt-free! Thanks to the generosity of our members and friends of KICC.


While we are excited about Buckmore Park, we have not closed our Hoe Street Church. We have a presence in the Walthamstow area which we wish to maintain; many of the congregation are from the area and there is still more work to be done in the community. Buckmore Park in Chatham, Kent is approximately 30 miles from our Walthamstow Church and was formerly owned by the Maidstone Scout Brigade. The 24 acre site, with its 12 buildings enable us to enjoy much more than we had at Waterden road. This is an answer to our prayers and we have called it Prayer City.


An ever-increasing number of people continue to attend our Sunday services, exciting events and special programmes at KICC headquarters, branches and chapels. We now have two locations for the headquarters – KICC The Land of Wonders, 468 – 474 Hoe Street Walthamstow where Sunday morning service is at 8.00 am and 9.30 am and also KICC Prayer City, Buckmore Park, Maidstone Road, Chatham, Kent ME5 9QG where Sunday morning service is at 11am.


We also continue to have TNT, our youth service for 13-19 year olds and KYAM, our Kingsway Young Adults Ministry also meet regularly. Apart from several international branches including KICC Dublin, our branches in the UK include KICC Luton, KICC South West, KICC Wembley, KICC French Connection, KICC Birmingham, KICC Manchester and KICC Bristol; and also with more than 13 Sunday Chapels in and around London, you are sure to find a KICC home near you in the UK. Our Winning Ways programmes are televised world-wide. KICC Church without walls continues to meet the needs of several thousands through KICC TV and live broadcast of our Church services on the website. KICCTV reaches no less than 140 million homes across the UK, Europe, Africa and parts of the Middle East, with innovative and dynamic Christian programming.


Available on three leading Satellite platforms, Sky channel 592 (Eurobird Satellite), Hotbird 13° East and Intel Satellite 10, KICCTV is bringing the Gospel to the masses across the globe. Through our international television and radio ministry Winning Ways, KICC has become a church without walls, taking the gospel to Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, the USA, Asia and the Middle East. The television ministry is touching millions of people’s lives with its practical, down-to-earth, humorous, yet biblically based approach to sharing the Word. We are now entering a new chapter in our history. We have just moved in to Prayer City, our new permanent home and we trust God to do greater things.