Kingsway International Christian Centre NIGERIA

At KICC Nigeria, it is our vision to:
Grow Up in knowledge, perspective, conviction, skill and character in the Word of God.

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@revelaytions @KICCPrayerdome Hi, had difficulty with the dm. Here is the info required. GTBank Plc KICC Maryland Funding 0002903395 Blessings

What is the essence of your TODAY if you keep procrastinating until TOMORROW? #MakeItCount @PstFemiFaseru #FaithClinic Retweeted by Femi Faseru

The #blessing makes you #rich without any sorrow attached. Come for the #BlessingOfTheSeed of your #vision #dream #business #career #marriage with @PstFemiFaseru this #Sunday #May27 @9am. Tell someone about it, bring someone along. Call 08177777176 for direction. Retweeted by Femi Faseru

I’m speaking on the subject ‘Make Your Count’ in the Bible Study this evening @KICCPrayerdome from 6:30-8pm... we will exegete Mark 5:1-20 to see what nullified / activated the significance of the Man of Gadara. Come if you are in Lagos. Call 08056052300 for Direction. Pls come

You are invited.... Retweeted by Femi Faseru

test Twitter Media - RT @KICCKuje: You are invited....

Attend the blessing of the seed with Pastor Femi Faseru at KICC Abuja on May 27, 2018 at 9amand experience the blessing of the seed (Finance, business, Career, Marriage, etc) #femifash #kiccabuja #dipoalebiosu #Abuja #celebrationservice #kiccprayerdome Retweeted by Femi Faseru

#10Miraclesoffasting Essence of fasting make u to be close to God so that He will influence ur life.Powerful Message @923Inspiration More Grace @PstFemiFaseru Retweeted by Femi Faseru

@PstFemiFaseru @sadefash @Gidi_Traffic in case you missed minister sade faseru's message of today on having the mind of Christ, please get the tape. It's awesome what this woman of God is loaded with. God bless you Ma. Retweeted by Femi Faseru

@PstFemiFaseru Like what GOOD success is according to Joshua 1:8 so was today’s teaching on #GetMarriageRight @KICCLekki Can’t wait for tomorrow’s session 9 a.m Retweeted by Femi Faseru


I am going to be sharing 256 things that will build a strong marriage. U need to come to @KICCLekki today 10am-3pm (2 teaching sessions & 1 Q&A session) & 2row 9-11:30am. It’s for both singles & married. I’m excited..this is going to help people. Call 07041100011 for direction

Join us for a weekend of discovery & reignite the joy of your marriage Single, Dating or Married this event is for you. 2 Days of Word Exposition with @PstFemiFaseru a leading authority on Married and Single & the Host of Winning Ways Express Nigeria a telecast ministry of KICC Retweeted by Femi Faseru

Make this weekend count by attending Married & Singles Conference 2018 with @PstFemiFaseru, author of #BestSelling book #MarriedButLivingSingle amongst others at #KICCLekki Call 07041100011 for direction Retweeted by Femi Faseru

You must strengthen strength and weaken weakness -@PstFemiFaseru Retweeted by Femi Faseru

@PstFemiFaseru @MatAshimolowo we are super excited about the ground breaking Ceremony. thanks to our Pastor @PstFemiFaseru and our Senior Pastor and Father @MatAshimolowo God bless you Sirs Retweeted by Femi Faseru

@watchKICCTV @kicclondon @KICCPrayerdome…

With the mandate and blessings of @MatAshimolowo our senior pastor, we are about to commence the ground breaking service of KICC Transformation Center, Akure @KICCAkure place of Worship where the name of Jesus will be lifted high and the gospel of Christ will be preach to all!💃

The word is coming out mightly..........."Don't think, don't decide,don't reason, don't conclude until you have read the word of the lord" @PstFemiFaseru cc @seunbobo_ @olaniranfaith @SegunOmojola @SuperGirlTimidi @SpeechCathedral @kiccakure @MatAshimolowo @KICCPrayerdome Retweeted by Femi Faseru